Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer game about fighting, killing, and eating your friends. Gang Beasts is a party-fighting game that is a lot of fun. It is easy to play and has a simple concept that anyone can understand.

Gang Beasts

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Jul 10, 2021
The game can be played with up to four other players on the same computer, but it can also be played alone. In Gang Beasts, the objective of the game is to try to wrestle opponents to the ground and cause them harm before they can harm you.


The gameplay of Gang Beasts is fast and frantic and has a decent amount of depth to it. The players have to fight their way to the end of the level, punch each other, perform special moves, and sometimes eat their friends. The game has a number of different game modes, such as a deathmatch, a king of the hill mode, a free for all mode, and a cooperative mode.

In Gang Beasts, the objective of the game is to try to wrestle opponents to the ground and cause them harm before they can harm you. The players are divided into two teams of two players each. The team a player is on is determined by the color chosen at the beginning of the game, and players can only fight members of the other team that also have the same color. The teams fight in a large arena with a variety of different surfaces, such as ice, wood, mud, and water. There are also obstacles such as saws and spikes, which can be used to attack opponents. The game is played in rounds, which last a few minutes. At the end of each round, a player is eliminated and the last player standing wins the round.


The graphics of Gang Beasts are simple and colorful, resembling the graphics of old school games. Gang Beasts' graphics are cartoon-style drawings. The colors are bright and vibrant and the characters are very expressive. This cartoon style is a nice change from the more realistic style that is found in many games nowadays.


There are many different game modes for players to choose from, so the game can never get old. The replayability of Gang Beasts is high. There are many different modes to play, and although the game is short, it can be played over and over again with friends. The game is also very fun and enjoyable, which means that players will want to play it again.


Gang Beasts is a simple and fun party game that is easy to learn and fun to play. It has a decent amount of replayability and the graphics are colorful and cartoon-like. It can be played alone or with friends and is suitable for almost any age group. Gang Beasts can be played online for free or can be purchased from Steam.

  • Many game modes
  • Simple, colorful graphics
  • Fast and frantic gameplay
  • Players may find the game to be too simple
  • Multiplayer only