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  • Is Twitch About Games Only? Is Twitch About Games Only? It is considered so, but there are other stream topics, from sports to animals. Most twitchers, though, are interested in games. Twitch has the ambition to become the most versatile streaming service, but it’s still on the way. Games, of course, are different too – you know. Are There Strangers? Dangerous Persons? Yes, there are chats where users can talk to other users, both in public and in private. Chats cannot be turned off, though can be filtered. In general, street safety rules (don’t talk to strangers, don’t tell too much, call adults when in danger…) apply on Twitch as well. Teaching...
    • Nov 23, 2021
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  • How to Choose the Best Devices to Use with Google Home How to Choose the Best Devices to Use with Google Home Google Home is slowly making its way into millions of houses and apartments. It’s so seductive to control your lights, vents, curtains, vacuums, and whatever with voice commands, with just one device to rule them all. It may be your phone or a specialized home speaker, or a dedicated tablet. But, well, if you have an Android phone, you can control your smart devices from it. The problem is how to choose the best devices for Google Home integration. Best in the Nest Compatibility is the key. Though all the certified devices are supposed to be compatible with Google Home, things get...
    • Nov 21, 2021
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