Unlock All the Risk of Rain 2 Characters in a Snap - A Comprehensive Guide

  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Mar 22, 2023
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Unlock All the Risk of Rain 2 Characters in a Snap - A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to unlock all the characters in Risk of Rain 2? You'll be happy to know that it doesn't require much effort! Here's our complete guide on how to unlock all 11 characters in the game. Let's get started!

How to Unlock Commando

Commando is one of the initial characters, so you don't have to make much effort - just start playing, and you can use him right away. He specializes in weapons and isn't afraid to get up close to opponents - perfect for more aggressive players!

How to unlock an Engineer

To unlock the Engineer, complete ten quests. Quests are randomly assigned during each playthrough, so keep an eye on them during the game and complete as many as you can. Once you complete ten quests, you'll have your very own engineer at your disposal! He's great for mid-range combat thanks to his turrets and drones, which help keep enemies at a greater distance than other classes.

How to Unlock Artificer

To unlock this character, first, reach level 15 with at least one other character (which won't take long if you're running missions). She wields a powerful flamethrower that deals devastating damage over a large area - perfect for crowd control or quickly destroying bosses! Her unique ability allows her to hover over levels, giving her an advantage over other classes that can only run or jump on platforms.

How to unlock the Huntress

The Huntress unlocks after she completes five elite monsters in any number of playthroughs. Elite monsters are stronger versions of regular monsters that appear after reaching certain levels or sometimes randomly. They're easy to spot by their glowing eyes, and rare items drop off when you defeat them, so be sure to hunt them when they appear! Once unlocked, the Huntress will have a variety of ranged weapons at her disposal, allowing her to keep enemies at bay while dealing heavy damage.

How to unlock the Huntress in game

How to unlock the Loader

The Loader unlocks after completing 20 quests, just like the Engineer, but there are additional, exclusive only to this class that includes using heavy weapons such as Gatling guns or rocket launchers - you'll easily tackle even the most difficult levels with them! His character can be a bit grumpy, but his brute strength allows him to access places others just can't get to because of his size (for example, he can move entire pieces of walls).

How to unlock Akrid

Akrid unlocks after defeating 30 elites in any number of races (not necessarily in a row!). He throws puddles of acid in front of him that deal AoE damage, which means he can straighten out multiple targets faster than most classes - ideal if chasing pack after pack in the late stages, where every second counts toward the survival time limit imposed on players each round/run.

How to Unlock a Captain

The Captain unlocks after completing 40 quests like Engineer and Loader, but some of them will be exclusive to this class. He's great for doing a lot of damage from a longer distance than most classes, thanks to his ability to launch missiles that can also target enemies, making it easier for players who aren't as confident in aiming/shooting accuracy but still want the extra firepower at their disposal!

How to Unlock Heretic

To unlock Heretic, you must kill two bosses in one playthrough - no easy feat! But if you succeed, you'll be rewarded with the ability to use his unique abilities: summon minions to help you deal with difficult opponents while he remains unscathed (his special shield also helps protect him). His skills make him ideal for those who prefer more indirect methods of fighting villains.

How to Unlock Heretic in game

How to unlock the Railgunner

Railgunner can be unlocked by first unlocking all other characters - so if you want access to her skills, be sure to follow the steps above before proceeding! She has powerful long-range attacks, making her ideal for targeting enemies from afar - she even has a special rail cannon that does massive damage over very long distances, allowing players to keep nasty enemies at bay without risking their lives or losing much health.

How to unlock Void Fiend

Void Fiend can be unlocked by defeating all four bosses in one playthrough - no easy task, as each boss presents its own unique set of challenges and obstacles. Once achieved, however, Void Fiend brings something entirely new to the game: using void energy instead of traditional weapons, he can give himself invulnerability and temporarily become invisible, providing an extra level of stealthy protection against anything life throws at him during frantic battles where every second counts for success (and survival!).

Unlock Bandit Without Breaking a Sweat

Bandit is one of the earliest characters available for unlocking. All it takes is reaching level 10 with any other character and finding a few Lunar Coins along your journey. Lunar coins are scattered across each stage, so keep an eye out for them during your playthroughs. Once you have at least ten coins, head to the Bazaar Between Time located at endgame and purchase Bandit from its shopkeeper - easy as pie!

Get MUL-T on Board With Your Team

MUL-T is another early-game unlockable character who can join your team after completing his quest line. To start his mission sequence, look for MUL-T's robotic remains scattered around stages 8 or 9 (or higher). After gathering all parts of his robot suit, return to stage 1 and head to the teleporter - MUL-T will greet you there and offer his services in exchange for finishing some challenges he has prepared. If successful, he'll join your squad right away - how cool is that?

Make Mercenaries Fight For You

To make this powerful warrior fight alongside you, complete two consecutive runs without dying once (including subsequent stages) on any difficulty level without leaving survivors behind until both runs are finished successfully. Then proceed to Stage 4, where the Mercenary will join forces with you when defeated - just keep in mind that it won't be an easy fight due to the Mercenary being an extremely tough opponent!

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