Among Us: Beginner's Guide and Tutorial

  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Jun 22, 2021
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Among Us: Beginner's Guide and Tutorial

Among Us is a first-person survival game that is played from the perspective of a group of survivors. The main protagonist is a nameless man. The player must guide the unnamed protagonist and his group of survivors through a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and other hazards. Throughout the game, the player must make daring decisions and take action as the story unfolds. Decisions such as who to trust, who to send out into the world, and who to save from the brink of death can sometimes have fatal consequences. The player must also manage the group's resources to ensure that everyone survives. Along the way, the player will experience many different types of dangers. They will encounter zombies, other survivors, and even members of their party.

Among Us is a cooperative board game for 2-4 players that takes about 90 minutes to play. It is a gritty survival game in which you take on the role of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. You'll have to scavenge for food, build barricades, gather weapons, and most importantly, manage your survivors' stress levels as you try to stay alive long enough to be rescued.

Meet One of Two Goals to Win

Escape the city: You must move your survivors from their hideout to a random location within a town every turn. Each time you move, you draw an encounter card to see what happens to you. If your barricades are strong enough and your survivors are well-fed, you might make it.

Rescue: You can win the game by collecting eight rescue tokens. There are six hidden in the city, and two more are given to you at the start of the game. You can manage the rescue tokens by moving to the locations on the board where they are hidden, or you can trade in the food you've collected to the Barricade in exchange for a rescue token.

In Among Us, each player has a unique survivor to play, each with their special ability. 

Among US Scenarios

There are two different scenarios, each of which presents a different challenge.

In the Scavenger scenario, you'll have to scavenge for food quickly. In the Survivor scenario, you'll have to scavenge for food, but you'll also have to build your barricades and gather weapons.

There are four different types of Locations in the game. Each Location presents a different challenge.

♦ Places of Refuge are safe places where you can rest safely. You can think of them as safe houses.

♦ Supply Locations have food or weapons in them that you can scavenge for.

♦ Encounter Locations present you with a choice: You can choose to move your survivors, or you can choose to face the encounter.

♦ Barricades are strong points where you can fight the zombies. Each barricade has a special ability that you can use if you are in that barricade.

Types of Encounters

The game supports both standard and special encounters.

Below is a list of the types of encounters the game supports.

♦ Standard Encounters – These encounters are the standard in the game. They are the most common and are used to drive the adventure forward.
♦ Special Encounters – These encounters are much rarer than the standard encounters.
♦ Ambush Encounters – These encounters are triggered when the party passes through a location populated by a group of enemies. The encounter is triggered when the party moves into proximity.

Ambush encounters may be regular, or a specific event may trigger them. Ambush encounters are always surprising encounters.

The party must have some reason to be in the location. The party may be carrying out a mission or may have some reason for entering the location to investigate something.

Ambush encounters have a specific chance to be triggered. If the chance is rolled, then the ambush is triggered. They may be triggered by a specific event, such as a character in the party drawing a weapon. The ambushers may be aware of the party entering the location or of the party’s presence when the ambush is triggered. They may be a surprise ambush or may be triggered by the party’s actions.

There are three different types of Encounters you can face.

Zombies: You must kill all the zombies before you can make progress.
Events: Events can help you or hurt you.
Rescuers: Rescuers can help you or hurt you.

The game is divided up into a series of Days. Each Day you must move your survivors to a random location within the city. 

It would help if you also managed your survivors' stress levels. If a survivor's stress gets too high, they will be ejected from your group.

The game ends when either one of your two goals is achieved.

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