More Creators on YouTube Will Have Access to Shoppable Links

  • William Brown
  • Oct 22, 2022
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More Creators on YouTube Will Have Access to Shoppable Links

Live commerce is becoming an increasingly promising area. China has become one of the pioneers in this niche, its audience responds to purchases with much more enthusiasm right during the streams. The western audience is still cool about this type of shopping. However, the example of China and its $180 billion in live shopping revenue is forcing companies to redouble their efforts to reach audiences in other countries.

YouTube is doing everything possible for its part to provide comfortable conditions for the development of this type of sales for its users. In this regard, all participants in the affiliate program by the end of the year, if they live in India, Brazil, the US, or UK, and also have at least 20 thousand subscribers, will be able to add their video content with links for purchases. This will be a great help to increase the number of sales through the platform. YouTube also plans to hold a presentation on November 10, where a number of products for purchase will be presented. This is a serious step in the development of this direction.

Comfortable conditions, of course, do not mean that the audience will immediately react loyally to such an opportunity. However, all trends indicate that users are gradually becoming more and more enthusiastic in the shopping process during live broadcasts. TikTok is also actively involved in such a profitable trend and promotes the idea of ​​shopping during live broadcasts among its audience. For this media giant, this is an even more promising niche, since the application is in high demand in China, where users are most inclined to buy live.

Are you attracted to the idea of shopping during YouTube live streaming? How often do you click on links after recommendations from people you follow? Please share your thoughts below.


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