Microsoft Excel Formulas Get Even Easier

  • William Brown
  • Dec 27, 2022
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Microsoft Excel Formulas Get Even Easier

Microsoft recently unveiled new features for its Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Excel web version. The new features, such as formula suggestions and formula by example, are designed to make Excel easier and faster to use. These features are a great way to simplify data entry and save time. They help users quickly apply formulas to data and automatically detect patterns in data. This addition to the web version of Microsoft 365 comes at a great time when more and more people are relying on Excel to automate their processes.

Formula Suggestions are a great way to quickly add formulas to data. Excel will suggest formulas such as sum, average, count, count, min, and max based on the data in the cell. This makes it easier and faster to perform tasks that would have taken more time manually. Formula by Example is a similar feature that can automatically detect patterns in data and fill out the rest of a column.

These new features in Excel have the potential to save users time and improve accuracy. For example, Formula Suggestions can help users quickly create the formulas they need to perform calculations, while Formula by Example can help them fill out data quickly and accurately. The “Suggested Links” feature is a nice addition for users who need to fix broken links in their workbooks.

In addition to these features, Microsoft is also adding nested Power Query data types and the ability to get data from dynamic arrays to the Windows version of Excel. This allows users to quickly and easily access and analyze data. Finally, there is a “suggested links” feature that will help you fix broken links to other workbooks stored in the cloud. This helps users keep their data up-to-date and organized.


Microsoft’s new features for Excel are designed to make it easier to use the program and to automate tasks that used to have to be done manually. This will be especially helpful for those who use Excel for their work or personal projects. With Formula Suggestions and Formula by Example, Excel users can save time and get more accurate results. Excel is already the world’s leading spreadsheet program, and this update just cements its place as one of the most powerful and useful tools available.

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